During construction, the current number of lanes will be maintained during the day to keep drivers moving. Traffic will be shifted to use temporary lanes while widening works are completed in the centre median.

Temporary yellow line marking is used to differentiate the new lanes, with temporary barriers installed on either side of the work zone. As a result, speed limits are reduced to 80km/h as temporary lanes are narrower and sight distances reduced. The speed reduction helps motorists adjust to the changed conditions safely. It also provides a safer work environment for our workers who are constructing the road behind the barriers.

Yellow line marking

Yellow line marking has been installed in some sections between Eastlink and Clyde Road. This is so we can keep the current number of lanes open for you during the day while we widen and upgrade the Freeway.

Drive within the yellow lines in these sections and obey the reduced speed limits through work zones. Signage will also let you know when you are about to enter the yellow line marking zone.

Watch a video further explaining these yellow line markings and how to drive within them.


Safety barriers

Barriers are installed along the work zones to increase worker and driver safety during construction. The bulk of construction works will be done behind the barriers so please observe the reduced speed limit.

MFU - barrier install night work

The temporary steel barriers used are built to modern specifications, designed to absorb heavy impacts from vehicles at the signed speed limit. They are built with ‘gawk screens’ mounted to the top, which mean drivers cannot see the work site beyond. This reduces driver distraction and improves safety for all on the road.

Reduced speed limits

Speed limits are reduced to 80km/h while construction zones are in place. These reductions are to maintain driver safety when travelling on the narrower lanes and close to barriers. Shorter sight distances and changed conditions on the road mean it is vital drivers obey reduced speed limits, even if they are not able to see workers behind the barriers. Work zone speed limits will be enforced for driver and worker safety. Upon completion of works and removal of the temporary barriers, the speed limit will return to 100km/h.


Additional lanes may be closed at night where it is necessary to conduct works on the freeway or its ramps. Speed limits will reduce further while these activities are completed. Works will be planned to ensure minimal impacts to drivers.

For more information, download the fact sheet Changed traffic conditions during major works [PDF, 648kb]

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