The West Gate Tunnel Project Community Liaison Group (CLG) has been formed to seek ongoing community feedback as planning for the project progresses. The group is a forum for the exchange of views and information about local topics that are important to the community.

Membership is from a cross section of the community, including local government, regional business groups, community groups and local residents. Members were selected through a formal recruitment process based on their location, community networks and linkages, knowledge of local issues and their capacity to communicate what’s important to their community.

The group has an independent chair, Jim Williamson, and meets each month.

See the CLG Terms of Reference (PDF 289kb, DOCX 131kb) for more information.


Members can raise issues at CLG meetings on behalf of local organisations or individual community members, within the group’s Terms of Reference.

You can contact your local member by emailing clg@wda.vic.gov.au.

Meeting minutes

Key documents

Your local member

  • Bert Boere, Brooklyn
  • Craig Williams, Seddon
  • Alison Protetto, Altona North
  • Jessica Christiansen-Franks, Footscray
  • Margaret O’Loughlin, Yarraville
  • Michael Ingram, Kensington and North and West Melbourne
  • Philip Dearman, Maribyrnong Truck Action Group
  • Scott Ellerton, Concerned Locals of Yarraville
  • Simon Birch, Spotswood
  • Steven Wilson, Friends of Stony Creek
  • Rosa McKenna, Spotswood South Kingsville Residents Group
  • Maribyrnong City Council
  • City of Melbourne
  • Brimbank Council
  • Hobsons Bay Council
  • Royal Automobile Club Victoria (RACV)
  • Victorian Transport Association (VTA)
  • LeadWest

Member profiles

Bert Boere – Brooklyn 
Bert Boere is a long-term resident and member of the Brooklyn community, living in the area since 1956. Bert is Chairman of Brooklyn Residents Action Group, a member of Friends of Lower Kororoit Creek and a Brooklyn representative for Brooklyn Industrial Precinct Strategy Committee. Bert is committed to supporting local liveability and enjoys representing his community’s interests.

Craig Williams – Seddon
Craig Williams is a local resident of Seddon. Through his role on the CLG he hopes to discuss possibilities of improving access to local amenities through reducing traffic on local streets.

Alison Protetto – Altona North

Jessica Christiansen-Franks – Footscray
Jessica Christiansen-Franks is a passionate Footscray resident, who is actively involved in the arts community. As a qualified Urban Designer and Landscape Architect with over 14 years’ experience in various urban development industries, Jessica is excited about change and growth in the west and looks forward to the opportunities that the project provides.

Philip Dearman – Maribyrnong Truck Action Group
Philip Dearman is a local resident of Yarraville and enjoys spending time cycling, walking and using recreational open spaces. As a member of Maribyrnong Truck Action Group, Philip has a strong understanding of traffic movement through local areas and is committed to reducing the number of trucks using local streets.

Simon Birch – Spotswood
Simon Birch is a local resident of Spotswood and is passionate about seeing a reduction in trucks travelling on local streets, and improving cycle routes. As a Mechanical Engineer, Simon has a good understanding of project management and large infrastructure projects.

Margaret O’Loughlin – Yarraville
Margaret O’Loughlin has for many years been actively engaged in her community particularly focusing on social, environment and planning issues. As a resident of Yarraville she has developed networks through involvement in school, sport, local action groups as well as the neighbourhood she lives in. She is currently a member of the City of Maribyrnong’s Older Persons Reference Group and is a board member of Yarraville Community Centre.

Michael Ingram – Kensington and North and West Melbourne
Michael Ingram, a resident of in Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs, has strong community networks as a member of the Kensington Association and liaisons with the Friends of Moonee Ponds Creek & North and West Melbourne Association. Michael has participated in a number of local road infrastructure sub-committees and understands the local area interests and their opportunities in relation to the project.

Scott Ellerton – Concerned Locals of Yarraville
Scott Ellerton is local resident and member of community group Concerned Locals of Yarraville (CLOY) and has previously represented their group values and mission to levels of government. Scott is passionate about the local community and voicing their interests.

Rosa McKenna – Spotswood South Kingsville Residents Group
Rosa is a resident of Spotswood having moved here after a career in adult and Indigenous education and community development.  She is using these skills locally with reviving the local RSL and participation in Get Up Out West, a reconciliation group. She has taken an interest in the development of West Gate Tunnel since it was announced and helped initiate the formation of the Spotswood and South Kingsville Residents Association to inform local residents of its impact and represent their interests.

Stephen Zelez – Hobsons Bay City Council
Stephen Zelez is the Manager Communications and Community Relations for Hobsons Bay City Council and is the council’s representative on the group. Stephen has a passion for Hobsons Bay and has a keen interest in how the project will impact on neighbourhood amenity, the surrounding industry and public open spaces.

Deidre Anderson – Maribyrnong City Council
Deidre Anderson represents Maribyrnong City Council in her role as the Manager Communications and Engagement. Deidre is a member of a working group for trucks in the inner west and is passionate about understanding the community interests to obtain a positive outcome for all.

Neil Whiteside – Brimbank Council
Neil Whiteside represents Brimbank City Council and the interests of Brimbank community. As Brimbank City Council’s Director Infrastructure and Environment he has responsibility for engineering, traffic and transport, urban design, asset management, infrastructure and environment.

Dave Jones – Royal Automobile Club Victoria (RACV)
Dave Jones, Manager for roads and traffic at RACV, is responsible for the team that develops and promotes policies and information in the broad areas of road safety engineering, road transport and land use planning, for the benefit of RACV’s members.

Greg Cain – Victorian Transport Association (VTA)
Greg is the Industry Services Manager for VTA and plays a key role in influencing, communicating and responding to transport issues facing the industry.

Craig Rowley – LeadWest
Craig Rowley, is a local resident of Footscray and CEO of LeadWest, the regional advocacy body for Melbourne’s west. He works towards improving productivity and economic growth in the west.

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