To build the West Gate Tunnel, approximately 1.5 million cubic meters of rock and soil will need to be removed.

Digging up this amount of soil to build the West Gate Tunnels will be a 24/7 operation at our Northern Portal site in Yarraville.

The project parties are working to find a long-term solution to safely manage the rock and soil created during tunnelling. This includes finding a permanent disposal site, and having a temporary, back-up holding site, to be used only when the permanent site can’t be accessed.

Given the West Gate Tunnel Project is being built in former industrial areas, our extensive testing has found low levels of the group of chemicals known as PFAS will be found in some of the excavated soil during tunnelling.

To ensure it is managed safely for workers and the community, EPA Victoria and Worksafe Victoria requirements will be met at every step of the way.

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Fact sheets: Proposed soil management facilities currently being investigated


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