Plan ahead: weekend closures of Williamstown Road ramp

There are weekend closures on the West Gate Freeway citybound exit to Williamstown Road in March and April 2019:

  • Friday 5 April 9pm to Monday 8 April 5am
  • Friday 12 April 9pm to Monday 15 April 5am
  • Friday 3 May 9pm to Monday 6 May 5am

Please remember to exit early at Millers Road for signed detour routes. Check out a video explaining the detours

To see all West Gate Tunnel Project disruptions, please visit our travel map.

West Gate Freeway construction

Along the West Gate Freeway we are building:

  • Extra lanes on the freeway between the M80 Ring Road and Williamstown Road
  • Entry and exit portals where the tunnels connect with the West Gate Freeway
  • Ventilation structure at the tunnel exit to remove air from inside the outbound tunnel
  • Interchange upgrades at the M80 Ring Road, Millers Road, Grieve Parade and Williamstown Road
  • Ramps to Hyde Street to connect trucks directly with local industry
  • Noise walls to reduce traffic noise for residents and open spaces
  • Walking and cycling paths to complete missing links in the Federation and Kororoit Creek trails and better connect communities, including new overpasses over Williamstown Road and Stony Creek
  • Pedestrian bridges replacing the existing overpasses
  • Freeway Management System to support good traffic flow and safety
  • New open spaces and planting thousands of trees and other plants in the freeway area.

Construction has started – find out about travel disruptions or recent construction updates.

In addition to construction on the West Gate Freeway, work is happening at the Tunnels and Port to City.

18 kilometres of new traffic lanes5 year construction period9 kilometres of new noise walls

West Gate Freeway map

West Gate Freeway construction map.

Key works

Timing: 2018-2022

We are widening the West Gate Freeway from 8 to 12 lanes. The West Gate Freeway is a critical link in Melbourne’s transport network, carrying 200,000 vehicles each day. We will keep it moving by:

  • Keeping the same number of lanes open at peak times
  • Only closing lanes when there is less traffic
  • Keeping the speed limit at 80km/h at peak times whenever possible
  • Providing clear and timely information for drivers
  • Working with VicRoads, councils, transport operators and emergency services to plan traffic changes
  • Avoiding closures when major events are on in Melbourne.

Timing: Set up 2018-2019 and operating until 2022

Construction compounds provide a base for workers, equipment and machinery. The main bases for construction in the West Gate Freeway area are:

  • Off the West Gate Freeway / New Street – for freeway widening and tunnel works
  • Off Geelong Road – for works around the M80 Ring Road interchange.

We will use best practice techniques at our construction compounds and will:

  • Meet all requirements for managing noise, dust and traffic
  • Install fencing and screening when compounds are located near to private property
  • Give our neighbours advanced notice about what to expect during works
  • Reinstate or improve compound areas after construction
  • Provide parking for workers to avoid taking up space on local streets.

Timing: 2018-2020

Some electricity towers along the freeway will be moved or replaced with slimmer poles and some power lines moved underground to make space for the widened freeway.

Status: Beevers Street works complete

As part of construction to widen the West Gate Freeway, works to relocate overhead power lines along Beevers Street are now complete.

Beevers Street has reopened and access to homes has been reinstated.

We thank residents of Beevers Street for their patience whilst we safely completed this important work.

You will still see our team continuing with works on the eastern end of Beevers Street, however, this will not impact street or residential access.

More information:

If you have any questions about the works on Beevers Street, please call 1800 105 105.

Map of Beevers Street relocation works

Timing: 2018-2019

The existing power lines on Fogarty Avenue will be relocated or moved underground and new drainage will also be installed. This is part of works to widen the West Gate Freeway.

  • Works started in July 2018 and are projected to finish in November 2019. We will update this information closer to completion time
  • There will be staged closures of Fogarty Avenue with detours in place. Visit our disruptions page for the latest updates
  • Some driveways will temporarily have access blocked. Residents will be notified in advance
  • Access to the Footscray Hockey Club and Yarraville Glory Football Club will be maintained at all times
  • Bus route 432 will be diverted and selected bus stops will be closed. For more information see Public Transport Victoria’s travel update
  • For more details about the works on Fogarty Avenue, read the construction notification (PDF, 732KB) (DOCX, 893KB) and the factsheet (PDF, 1.5MB)
  • For all work notifications related to works on Fogarty Avenue, head to the Work Notifications page.

As part of works to widen the West Gate Freeway, some high voltage electricity towers near Fogarty Avenue are being replaced with slimmer poles.

To get these works done as safely and quickly as possible, we need to temporarily close the pedestrian overpass that connects Muir Street and Fogarty Avenue.

The overpass will be closed from 28 March until 12 April, between 5am and 8pm daily*. It will reopen nightly from 8pm-5am.

There will also be changes to the long-term Federation Trail detour route during these closures.

We understand these closures will affect how you move about your local community, so we’re providing a dedicated courtesy bus service for Wembley Primary School students and their guardians, and a separate bus service for the general public to transport people either side of the freeway while the overpass is closed.

Individual transport will be also available for those with mobility impairment.

* Note: the overpass may need to be closed for short intervals on 26 or 27 March. Traffic controllers will be on-site to assist with pedestrian movement.

Map of Fogarty Avenue explaining the detours that will be in operation during the relocation of 220kV power lines near the Muir St pedestrian bridge
Map of works along Fogarty Avenue

Courtesy bus times

Both buses will provide return services stopping at:

  • The Avenue near Muir Street
  • Wembley Avenue bus stop
  • Wembley Primary School

Wembley Primary School courtesy bus departure times

Monday to Friday 28 March to 5 April 2019

School day morning return service starting at The Avenue near Muir Street



School day afternoon return service starting at Wembley Primary School



Information for parents

  • Parents and guardians are welcome to accompany their children on the bus.
  • There is no cost and no bookings are required to use the bus.
  • The bus is only available to students, parents, guardians and staff of Wembley Primary School.
  • West Gate Tunnel Project staff will be available to assist families and students at the bus pick up locations during departure times.

Public courtesy bus service timetable

Monday to Friday

29 March to 12 April

Weekday morning return service starting at The Avenue near Muir Street






Weekday afternoon return service starting at The Avenue near Muir Street








Saturday return service starting at The Avenue near Muir Street










*Note times are dependent on traffic.

Changes to the Federation Trail detour route

There will be changes to the long-term diversion of the Federation Trail during times that the overpass is closed. Signage will be in place along the route to alert cyclists of upcoming changes.

The diversion will return to its usual route from 8pm-5am. Please refer to the purple line in the map above.

Cyclist and pedestrian detour via The Avenue, Melbourne Road, and Williamstown Road.

For more information please call 1800 105 105 or email

Local traffic changes

During these works, there will also be changed traffic conditions along Fogarty Avenue and The Avenue.

The Footscray Hockey Club and Yarraville Glory Soccer Club will remain accessible during this time.

Tuesday 26 March 6am until Wednesday 27 March 8pm:

  • A section of Fogarty Avenue will be closed outside the Footscray Hockey Club and the Yarraville Glory Soccer Club.
  • Access to both club car parks is maintained through temporary traffic arrangements along The Avenue (under West Gate Freeway).
Map indicating detours during the Fogarty Avenue Mono Polo installation on 26 and 27 March
Works map for 26 and 27 March

Tuesday 26 March 6am until Friday 12 April 8pm:

  • Fogarty Avenue will be closed to westbound traffic between Wembley Avenue and The Boulevard. Detour via Wembley Avenue and Benbow Street.
Map of the Fogarty Avenue Mono Polo installation between 28 March and 12 April V7-01
Works map for 28 March - 12 April

Tuesday 26 March until Friday 12 April:

  • Temporary traffic arrangements in place along Fogarty Avenue and The Avenue. Access to the Footscray Hockey Club and Yarraville Glory Soccer Club is maintained.

Timing: February 2019 - mid-2019

We need to do important utility investigation and relocation on Paringa Road, to allow for the widening of the West Gate Freeway.

What to expect during these works on Paringa Road:

  • Paringa Road will be closed to traffic at Millers Road with alternative access available via Duosa Road
  • Staged closures for utility relocations along Paringa Road
  • An increase in construction noise from our machinery and trucks
  • Water spray trucks to help manage dust and dirt
  • Equipment used for these works including heavy vehicles and trailers, excavators, jack hammers, compaction equipment and asphalt cutting saw
  • Traffic changes with signed detours

Detours and parking alternatives:

  • Detours will be in place for vehicles accessing Paringa Road from Millers Road via Duosa Road, Langshaw Street, Bond Street, Lee Street and Chambers Road
  • Footpath access along Paringa Road will be maintained
  • The laneway behind the Millers Road shops will remain open, however the laneway exit to Paringa Road will be closed during our works
  • The carpark on Paringa Road behind the Millers Road shops will remain open and can be accessed from the driveway closest to Langshaw Street
  • Access to the West Gate Freeway from Millers Road will remain open

Reminder: as part of continued works to widen the West Gate Freeway, vehicle access to Paringa will be closed long-term between Millers Road and Langshaw Street. Find more information in the works notification (PDF, 247KB).

If you have any questions about the works on Paringa Road, please call 1800 105 105.

Map of Paringa Road utility works

Timing: 2018-2022

The Federation Trail is being upgraded and extended to Hyde Street. A section of the trail between Millers Road and the Newport Freight rail line has been closed to complete the upgrade and widen the freeway. The closure will be in place for around four years from 16 July 2018. We have:

  • Provided a clearly signed detour route via Kyle Road and Blackshaws Road (see blue line in map below)
  • Worked with VicRoads, councils and cycling groups to plan and communicate the detour
  • Carried out improvements along the detour to make it safe.

Click image to enlarge

Directions for cyclists to detour the closed section of the Federation Trail

Timing: 2018-2020

The West Gate Tunnel Project will deliver more than nine kilometres of new and improved noise walls for quieter homes, backyards and parks along the West Gate Freeway. We will:

  • Prioritise noise wall construction so residents get the benefit as early as possible
  • Leave existing noise walls in place where practical or provide temporary noise walls until new ones are built
  • Use high quality materials with acrylic at the top to let light in.
Artist impression of noise walls on the West Gate Freeway

Noise walls long the West Gate Freeway. Artist impression only – does not include detailed design.

Timing: 2019-2021

Work areas will be located alongside the freeway where they are least likely to cause disruption and will be fenced and screened from view. Innovative construction methods will help reduce disruption, including using cranes to lift beams down from the freeway to reduce disruption at Donald McLean Reserve.

Artist impression of new shared use path alongside the Hyde Street off ramp, Yarraville.

New shared use path alongside the Hyde Street off ramp, Yarraville. Artist impression only – does not include detailed design.

Work hours

Most of the work will be done during the day however some works will be done at night to minimise travel disruption on our busy roads.

We will do our best to plan works at times when they cause the least inconvenience for residents, while also avoiding peak period lane closures and disruption on the freeway to keep Melbourne moving during construction.

Upcoming work

Regular updates will be posted on this page.  We will also keep people informed of activities taking place in their local area by:

  • Dropping newsletters and works notifications in your letterbox
  • Door knocks or street meetings before major works
  • News and updates on social media

More information

For more information, contact us on 1800 105 105.

We have a team that is dedicated to working with the community. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any questions or concerns.

See the most recent construction notifications.

Download the factsheet Construction overview – West Gate Freeway [PDF, 1.4mb]

Also available in Chinese (PDF, 1.4mb)Greek (PDF, 1.4mb)Italian (PDF, 1.4mb)Vietnamese (PDF, 1.4mb)