We will often drop notifications of upcoming works into the letterboxes of nearby residences and businesses.

Below you can find a list of recent notifications we have delivered to the:

Notifications: West Gate Freeway precinct

Where When What Notification
Kyle Road, Altona North Thursday 11 October 2018 – 2022 Use of Kyle Road to access construction sites on the West Gate Freeway for the duration of the project’s construction, including:

  • construction vehicles on Kyle Road during standard daily work hours.
  • water and spray trucks and street sweepers being used to reduce dust and dirt.
  • dirt and rock being covered when it is being transported.
  • intermittent traffic changes when major transport deliveries are required.
PDF (258KB)
DOCX (747KB)
Beevers Street, Altona North Tuesday 2 – Saturday 13 October 2018 Service investigations on Beevers Street, including:

  • scanning for utilities services.
  • short term traffic changes.
  • drop in information sessions about power line relocation on Thursday 4 and Saturday 6 October.
PDF (209KB)
DOCX (334KB)
  • Paringa Road, Altona North
  • Primula Avenue, Brooklyn
From 1 October 2018 Vehicle access to Paringa Road from Millers Road will be closed long-term to allow for freeway widening works. Works on Paringa Road will include:

  • Scanning for services.
  • Setting up a construction laydown area on the corner of Millers Road and Paringa Road.
  • Staged closures of Paringa Road in order to move the 66kV power lines underground.
  • Trenching for the 22kV power line works adjacent to the shops on Millers Road.
  • Relocating the gas line to Chambers Road and Waites Court.

Works on Paringa Road and Primula Avenue be done to relocate the Telstra telecommunication lines, including:

  • Short-term closure of the footpath on the southern side of Primula Avenue at night, with detour in place.
  • Overnight closures of Primula Avenue at Millers Road, with detour in place.
PDF (247KB)
DOCX (385KB)
  • Buchanan Road and nearby Reserve, Brooklyn
  • Kyle Road, Altona North
20 September – mid-2019 Moving 66kV power lines underground, including:

  • Scanning for services.
  • Moving sections of the overheard 66kV power lines underground, involving excavations.

Replacing 220kV tower with a monopole, including:

  • Pouring the concrete foundation for the new tower.
  • Moving the 220kV power line from the existing tower to a new monopole.
Buchanan Road and nearby reserve:
PDF (242KB)

DOCX (414KB)
Kyle Road:
PDF (192KB)
DOCX (377KB)
Fogarty Avenue, Yarraville 31 July 2018 – August 2019 Relocating some existing power lines installing new drainage along Fogarty Avenue, including:

  • using equipment including excavators, jack hamers, compaction equipment and asphalt cutting saw
  • staged closures along sections of Fogarty Avenue
  • detoured access to Fogarty Avenue. Residents will be advised of any specific individual driveway access impacts
  • changes to bus route 432.
West Gate Freeway (outbound) between Williamstown Road and The Avenue From 29 May – ongoing
  • Temporary road closures between Vernier Street and Hick Street, and between Andrews Street and Muir Street.
  • Site fencing and access established at the end of the following streets: Abbot Street, Steel Street, Vernier Street, Hick Street, Andrews Street, Muir Street.
  • Site establishment works along outbound lanes of West Gate Freeway, including vegetation removal and earthworks.
  • Installation of temporary and new noise wall between Vernier Street and Muir Street.
PDF (277KB)

DOCX (493KB)
Temporary noise wall installation
(21 August):

PDF (397KB)
DOCX (513KB)
Millers Road / West Gate Freeway interchange From July 2018 – mid-2019 Widening the freeway and upgrading the section of Millers Road under the freeway, including:

  • excavation and eath works
  • construction of retaining walls on the freeway ramps and piling
  • clearing vegetation and trees
  • installation of a temporary noise wall
  • removal of an existing section of noise wall
  • setting up traffic barriers beneath the freeway
  • temporary footpath closure
  • utility service investigations
  • site compound establishment
  • Federation Trail closure
  • general construction.
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DOCX (396KB)
West Gate Freeway, between Williamstown Road and M80 interchange, in both directions Sunday 15 July to Thursday 19 July 2018, 10pm – 5am, nightly; and, if required, Monday 23 July and Tuesday 24 July 2018, 10pm – 5am, nightly Removal of overhead sign gantries and lighting structures, including:

  • removing overhead sign gantries
  • removing existing light poles and installing temporary ones
  • clearing vegetation and trees along the freeway
  • earthworks, including removing dirt
  • general construction.
PDF (716KB)
DOCX (229KB)
Williamstown Road, under West Gate Freeway 12 June – late July Upgrading Williamstown Road under the West Gate Freeway, including:

  • modifications to traffic signals, ramp signals and CCTV
  • removing traffic islands and installing temporary ones
  • earthworks and vegetation removal
  • general construction, asphalt construction and kerbing works
  • reinstating the road surface once works are completed.
PDF (830KB)
DOCX (391KB)
West Gate Freeway: Williamstown Road inbound exit ramp From 29 May – ongoing
  • Works along both sides of the West Gate Freeway between The Avenue and Williamstown Road, including vegetation removal and installing temporary fencing.
  • Installation of temporary and new noise wall along Williamstown Road inbound exit ramp.
PDF (274KB)
DOCX (488KB)
Millers Road / West Gate Freeway interchange 20 May – June 2018 Work starting around the Millers Road / West Gate Freeway interchange, in preparation for the widening of the freeway and upgrading Millers Road:

  • Setting up temporary safety barriers on the outbound exit and entry ramps
  • Removing traffic islands and installing temporary ones
  • Ongoing general construction including earth works, kerb removal, site protection and traffic changes
  • Identifying utilities in the area
  • Installing high voltage electric conduit underground along Paringa Road and Beevers Street and under Millers Road and the West Gate Freeway
  • Setting up Millers Road site office
DOCX (349KB)
Whitehall Street and Hyde Street, Yarraville and Footscray May and June 2018 Day and night works as we prepare to divert a section of the North Yarra Main Sewer. Works include:

  • Relocation of water, gas and electricity services on Whitehall Street
  • Intersection upgrades at Youell Street, Somerville Road and Leek Street
  • Project investigations on Hyde Street and Harris Street next to Yarraville Gardens
PDF (625KB)
DOCX (573KB)
Williamstown Road, Yarraville and Spotswood 12 May – December 2018 Building a new inbound exit ramp and upgrading Williamstown Road, and establishing a construction site on Melbourne Road. PDF (255KB)
DOCX (229KB)
West Gate Freeway precinct From March 2018 Building a temporary inbound exit ramp at Williamstown Road, widening the West Gate Freeway, continuing site investigations PDF (550KB)
DOCX (1.9MB)
West Gate Freeway, between Wembley Ave and Williamstown Road From February 2018 Establishing work site, building a temporary exit ramp, roadworks and project investigations PDF (600KB)
DOCX (500KB)

Notifications: Tunnels precinct

Where When What Notification
Whitehall Street and surrounding streets in Footscray and Yarraville 6 August 2018 – August 2019 Reminder that traffic conditions on Whitehall Street, near Somerville Road, will change for up to 12 months from 6 August 2018. Southbound traffic will be maintained and all northbound traffc will detour on Leek Street, Hyde Street and Somerville Road. Once the work zone is in place on Whitehall Street, we will:

  • remove asphalt using saw cutters and excavators
  • excavate a 9 and 15 metre shaft to access the existing sewer
  • connect the new section of sewer with the existing sewer.
PDF (616KB)
DOCX (1.72MB)
Fredericks Street and York Street, Yarraville July – August 2018 Geotechnical investigations and drilling a borehole both streets. Investigations will involve:

  • establishing a small zone with traffic management
  • minor excavation to expose underground services
  • drilling a borehold up to 50 metres deep
  • installing a small monitoring well cap for further testing
  • following completion of the works, the road surface will be reinstated.
Fredericks Street
PDF (710KB)
DOCX (1.8MB)
York Street
PDF (704KB)
DOCX (1.8MB)
33 Maribyrnong Street, Footscray Early July, for up to 3 months Building demolition and site establishment works at 33 Maribyrnong Street, including:

  • removing the existing building at 33 Maribyrnong Street using hand tools and excavators
  • removing an electrical substation located within 33 Maribyrnong Street
  • vegetation removal
  • removal of parking for demolition works on Maribyrnong Street
  • construction management to minimise disruption as much as possible.
PDF (255KB)
DOCX (1.5MB)
Maribyrnong Street, Footscray Late April – July 2018 Investigation works between Footscray Road and Youell Street, and building demolition works at 33 Maribryrnong Street. PDF (683KB)
DOCX (384KB)
Youell Street, Footscray 20 April 2018 – early 2019 Parking and traffic changes on Youell Street, including:

  • Staged removal of parking
  • Footpath closure on south side of Youell Street
  • New signalised intersection and turning restrictions
PDF (1.13MB)
DOCX (189KB)
Whitehall Street, Yarraville/Footscray Late April 2018 – April 2019 Worksites established on Whitehall Street between Parker Street and Leek Street as part of North Yarra Main Sewer diversion.


Traffic changes in the local area, including:

  • Whitehall Street lane closures and northbound detour
  • Whitehall Street bicycle detour
  • New traffic signals installed
  • Temporary change to the truck curfew on Hyde Street, between Leek Street and Somerville Road.
PDF (985KB)
DOC (331KB)
Whitehall Street, Yarraville and Footscray (residents and businesses) Late April 2018 – April 2019 Update on planned traffic changes in your area: Whitehall Street closure and detour via Somerville Road, Hyde Street and Leek Street. PDF (848KB)
DOC (291KB)
Tunnels precinct (Whitehall Street and Hyde Street, Yarraville and Footscray) From April 2018 Piling and increased activity at our Whitehall Street construction sites; utility investigations on Whitehall Street; intersection upgrades; North Yarra Main Sewer works PDF (658KB)
DOCX (526KB)
Tunnels precinct (Whitehall Street, Yarraville and Footscray) From March 2018 Ongoing work at Whitehall Street construction sites PDF (492KB)
DOCX (389KB)

Notifications: Port to City precinct

Where When What Notification
Footscray Road, West Melbourne 19 August 2018 – February 2019 First stage of construction on Footscray Road to build the new elevated road that will connect the West Gate Freeway to the CBD and CityLink. This will include:

  • installation of temporary safety barriers and minor lane reconfiguration along the outbound carriageway at night
  • relocation of the shared use path onto a temporary surface away from the construction area
  • up to 170 trees and shrubs will be removed from the southern nature strip
  • temporary removal of up to six bus stops along Footscray Road from September until project completion. One bus stop in each direction east of Dock Link Road will be maintained
  • disconnection of existing street lighting and installation of temporary lighting
  • drainage works
  • construction of temporary roadway
  • pier construction, including piling, at Dock Link Road and Mackenzie Road.
PDF (280KB)
DOCX (298KB)
Port to City precinct 2018 – 2022 Introduction to upcoming construction in the Port to City precinct, including:

  • setting up the worksite on Footscray Road at the old Melbourne Market site
  • extending Wurundjeri Way to connect with Dynon Road
  • improving connections to the port and providing connections from the West Gate Freeway to CityLink and the CBD via an elevated road.
PDF (363KB)
DOCX (2.19MB)
Footscray Road July and August 2018 Ongoing investigation works, including:

  • electronic scanning of roads and footpaths
  • non-destructive digging (NDD) to identify underground services such as gas and water
  • drilling bore holes up to 40 metres in depth
  • removing two trees in the Footscray Road centre median to locate deep services.
Wurundjeri Way Ongoing until September 2018 Site investigations, including:

  • electronic scanning of roads and footpaths
  • non-destructive digging to identify underground services such as gas and water
  • drilling bore holes up to 40 metres in depth
  • removing some shrubs in work zones if required.
PDF (821KB)
DOCX (430KB)
Dynon Road, CityLink and Moonee Ponds Creek Ongoing until September 2018 Site investigations, including:

  • electronic scanning of roads and footpaths
  • non-destructive digging to identify underground services such as gas and water
  • drilling bore holes up to 40 metres in depth
  • removing some shrubs in work zones if required.
PDF (628KB)
DOCX (469KB)
Footscray Road, Footscray and Docklands Late April – July 2018 Investigation works between the Maribyrnong River and Docklands, establishing a construction site at the old Melbourne Market site, and traffic changes. PDF (598KB)
DOCX (412KB)

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