The Monash Freeway Upgrade stage 1 is adding new lanes to the Monash Freeway where they are most needed. EastLink to Clyde Road now has an extra lane in each direction, with smart technology added from Chadstone to Pakenham to ease congestion for faster travel.

The project means faster, safer and more reliable journeys for 200,000 motorists every day.

Check out videos about and from the Monash Freeway Upgrade.

Read the project overview, fact sheets about our construction and the community updates we distribute quarterly in our Document Library.

Current status

Work on the Monash Freeway Upgrade started in September 2016 and will be complete in mid 2018.

Lanes opened, project almost there

New lanes are now open on the Monash Freeway between EastLink and Clyde Road.

Thanks for your patience during works on the Monash Freeway Upgrade stage 1. We’ll be done with this stage of the project in mid 2018.

There is still some work to complete. We’ve switched on the overhead electronic signs to allow remote management of speeds and lane use and are finalising works to switch on new ramp signals. These will further keep traffic moving smoothly along the corridor.

The Monash Freeway is part of a managed motorway system which stretches across Melbourne. The integrated freeway management system will assess traffic numbers and automatically turn on and off ramp signals to manage the amount of vehicles entering the freeway at once. This smart technology is managed by VicRoads and is a world-leading traffic management system.

You could think of it like this: the new lanes help get you where you’re going faster; the technology makes travel times more reliable and journeys on the road safer for you.

There are also further works planned to get people home sooner and safer with Monash Freeway Upgrade Stage 2 to start later this year; you can read more on the VicRoads project website.

Current and upcoming works

What's happening?

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Document Library

Find copies of all our fact sheets and newsletters in the document library.

Key Topics

Changed road conditions

Changed traffic conditions during the Monash Freeway Upgrade

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Noise and vibration

Managing noise and vibration during works on the Monash Freeway Upgrade

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What you’ll see

A closer look at the improvements and benefits of the upgrade

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Managed motorway

How do ramp signals and LUMS work together to manage traffic?

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