The West Gate Tunnel Project will mean less congestion and more reliable travel times between Melbourne’s west and the city.

Right now, it’s not unusual to experience bumper-to-bumper traffic on the West Gate Freeway or incidents that bring traffic to a stand-still. An incident on the West Gate Bridge can triple travel times for motorists.

The project will provide a vital second river crossing, provide quicker and safer journeys and remove thousands of trucks off the West Gate Bridge.

Project map

Project scope

  • Four more lanes on the West Gate Freeway between the M80 and the West Gate Bridge
  • Three express lanes in each direction – M80 to West Gate Bridge
  • Twin tunnels and a second river crossing providing an alternative to the West Gate Bridge and new connections to the city’s north
  • Smart technology linking with other freeway systems across the city to manage traffic flow and incidents and display travel information


  • Better access to Melbourne to support Geelong’s growth
  • More reliable and quicker trips
  • Less congestion with traffic better distributed across two routes
  • A safer road designed to reduce crashes
  • Greater flexibility with new route choices and more information

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