4 January 2018

Trucks are to be banned from the far right-hand lane on the Monash Freeway in a trial to improve safety.

From Monday 5 February, restrictions will apply to trucks travelling in both directions on the Monash Freeway between Huntingdale Road, Mount Waverley and Jacksons Road, Noble Park.

Truck lane restrictions improve safety by reducing the number of lane changes undertaken by cars and trucks.

Permanent restrictions currently apply along the Princes Highway from Melbourne to Geelong and along sections of the Eastern Freeway.

This trial will specifically test the effectiveness of lane restrictions on the Monash Freeway, which has the highest concentration of heavy vehicles of any freeway or highway in Victoria.

The trial ban of trucks from the far right-hand lane is the second stage of an overall project to improve safety on the Monash Freeway, after a separate trial of reduced speed limits for heavy vehicles concluded in March 2017.

Feedback from the 9-month trial will help inform the decision of whether to permanently apply the restrictions and can be provided at engage.vicroads.vic.gov.au/monashfreeway

Drivers are reminded to keep a safe distance behind other vehicles at all times and not to cut in front of heavy vehicles which require much longer braking distances.

If drivers need to travel below the speed limit, they should always drive in the left-hand lanes to improve traffic flow by allowing trucks and other vehicles to travel at the speed limit without changing lanes.

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