The Webb Dock Access improvements have built a better freight connection from Webb Dock to the freeway network. This link makes it easier and safer for trucks to enter the Bolte Bridge and free up space and help traffic flow on the M1.

The Webb Dock Access improvements, delivered by the CityLink Tulla Widening project, support the Port of Melbourne’s $1.6 billion Port Capacity Project.

Map showing the locations of the Web Dock Access works (see below for details)

Location of Web Dock Access improvements

These improvements complement the upgrade of Cook Street currently being completed by VicRoads. These works are widening Cook Street from one to two lanes in each direction between Todd Road and the West Gate Freeway.

What's involved

Initial works started in late 2015, and major construction ramped up in June 2016. The project is now complete and the new ramp open to traffic.

Transurban Webb Dock Access east works

  1. Redesigned ramp to Bolte Bridge

    A new ramp built with a gentler curve to reduce the risk of truck roll-overs.

  2. New connection from Cook Street to Bolte Bridge

    A new lane from Cook Street to the Bolte Bridge ramp to provide direct access for freight heading north.

  3. Intersection upgrade

    The Cook Street / Salmon Street intersection upgraded and signalised.

VicRoads Webb Dock Access west works

  1. Widened Cook Street

    An additional lane added in each direction between Todd Road and the West Gate Freeway.

What are the benefits?

The Webb Dock access improvements were built to:

  • improve safety on the Bolte Bridge entry ramp, reducing the risk of truck roll-overs and their associated costly delays which can be felt across the freeway network
  • improve traffic flow and safety for motorists and trucks travelling between the West Gate Freeway and the Bolte Bridge
  • provide a quicker and more efficient route for freight that is unaffected by traffic volumes on the M1
  • reduce weaving and merging on the freeway, a major cause of congestion.


Webb Dock Access Update – April 2018

After more than two years of construction, the project is now complete and the new ramp open to traffic!


Webb Dock Access Update – September 2017

Revamped Bolte Bridge entry ramp now open

After 300 days and 220 nights of work, we have now opened part of the upgraded Bolte Bridge entry ramp that will provide drivers heading in from the West Gate Bridge a better run onto CityLink.

While drivers coming from the west won’t notice a huge change to how they access the ramp, it has taken a lot of digging and building to reach this construction milestone.

Crews have needed to excavate over 20 Olympic swimming pools of materials before we could start building it. On top of this, we have placed over 40 pools of backfill and pavement to create the redesigned ramp.

Truck drivers will see the new ramp has a gentler curve that will help reduce the risk of truck rollovers, and will make it a safer and easier run onto CityLink for everyone.

Crew have a lot more to do before the ramp is complete, including installing ramp signals to control traffic flow onto CityLink during peak times.

We will keep working days and nights behind safety barriers to keep you moving while we get the job done.

Connecting Cook Street to the Bolte Bridge

If you work in or drive along Cook Street, you will have seen plenty of construction action underway, with crews working hard to install a new signalised Cook Street/Salmon Street intersection.

The intersection will provide freight from Webb Dock – and regular drivers – access to a new lane we are building on the West Gate Freeway, connecting Cook Street to the Bolte Bridge.

The lane will provide a quicker, better flowing route north onto CityLink and will free up space on the freeway during peak times.

Importantly, a direct connection to the Bolte Bridge will also reduce merging and weaving that happens on the approach to the entry ramp, which often causes congestion and delays.

In the coming weeks, West Gate Freeway regulars will see permanent safety barriers installed to separate the new lane from the other freeway lanes. You will also see more overhead signage structures placed on the road.

We are on track to wrap up all Webb Dock Access works on time by late 2017.


Over the next few months, drivers heading in from the west can expect to see nightly lane closures on the West Gate Freeway. We will also be scheduling some overnight inbound Bolte Bridge entry ramp closures to help our crews get the job done as quickly and safely as possible.

Keep up to date with traffic conditions – including upcoming ramp and freeway closures – by visiting


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