The Monash Freeway Upgrade will focus on a stretch of the motorway between Chadstone and Pakenham

The Monash Freeway Upgrade will focus on a stretch of the motorway between Chadstone and Pakenham

What you'll see

  • Approximately 30 kilometres of extra traffic lanes will be added.
    • Between EastLink Interchange and South Gippsland Freeway, the road will widen from four to five lanes in each direction.
    • Widening from two to three lanes in each direction from South Gippsland Freeway to Clyde Road in Berwick.
  • New and upgraded ramp signals, and extra space for more cars on ramps from Chadstone to Pakenham. That’s 44 kilometres of managed motorway, extending what is already the longest stretch in Australia.
  • Overhead Lane Use Management Signs (LUMS) added between Warrigal Road and South Gippsland Freeway. The overhead electronic signs allow a more efficient response to changing traffic conditions by giving drivers advance notice of lane closures and variable speed limits.
  • Automatic Incident Detection (AID) will be installed along with the LUMS to provide real time alerts to the traffic control centre and make the system’s response times even faster, further improving the effectiveness of the freeway during an incident.
  • Widening and strengthening of bridges to carry the new lanes.
  • A new concrete median barrier between EastLink and the Princes Highway.
  • Improved street lighting at various interchanges.

The upgrade works will all occur within the existing road reserve, which means impacts can be kept to a minimum. There will be no new tolls introduced on the Monash Freeway.

Project Benefits

  • More reliable trips for 200,000 daily motorists.
  • Room for an extra 2,000 vehicles per hour during the peak.
  • Reduced travel times by up to 10 minutes a day.
  • Peak hour capacity on the Hallam Bypass will grow by 50 per cent.
  • Additional capacity on the busiest section of the freeway, from EastLink to the South Gippsland Freeway.
  • A 20 per cent reduction in crashes that cause serious injury.
  • Overall economic benefit to the State of around $100 million a year.
  • Up to $30 million a year in savings on freight costs.
  • Stronger links between key employment and education precincts along the M1 corridor.
  • Up to 400 construction jobs.

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