30 June 2020

Crews have been working around the clock on the West Gate Tunnel Project building new connections to and from the west via Footscray Road, CityLink and Dynon Road, and continuing works to widen the West Gate Freeway from 8 to 12 through lanes.

Footscray Road

The West Gate Tunnel Project is heading for the skies in the next exciting stage of its construction, with a specialised elevated road builder being assembled in the middle of Footscray Road.

gantry crane

Footscray Road motorists will be able to keep an eye on the major construction work happening in the middle of the road with columns that will support the elevated road we’re building over Footscray Road starting to rise from the ground.

Sitting on top of the columns, the first parts of the giant gantry crane have now been installed that will build the new elevated road.

When assembled the crane will measure 114-metre-long and will work in the middle of Footscray Road to build the elevated road that will connect the West Gate Tunnel with CityLink, the port and the city.

Cyclists in the area will also get a new riding experience on a new floating path over Moonee Ponds Creek. The temporary structure will be in place to keep a safe distance between cyclists and project work sites while we build the new city connections.

Moonee Ponds Creek pontoons

West Gate Freeway

West Gate Tunnel Project crews are working around the clock to carry out important work to widen the West Gate Freeway from 8 to 12 through lanes and build new ramps connecting the freeway to industry.

Socobell demolition

Works across this section of the project include:

  • Removing an old building at the base of the West Gate Bridge to help create space for the new Hyde Street outbound ramp.
  • Strengthening and widening Kororoit Creek bridge.
  • Commencing works to widen and strengthen the bridge over the Newport Rail line

Removing two outdated pedestrian overpasses to allow widening of the West Gate Freeway to continue. We’re building two new architecturally designed bridges in their place. They’ll be wider so pedestrians and cyclists can share the space, and will include improved safety features such as CCTV, lighting and higher barriers.

We thank everyone for their patience as other major works continue along the West Gate Freeway corridor.

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