16 November 2020

Open to the public on 9 November 2020, the vital walking and cycling path links the suburbs of Altona North with Brooklyn at Rosala Avenue. A second pedestrian overpass connecting the communities of Spotswood and Yarraville will be opened to the public in the coming months.

Cyclists using the new bridge ramp

While these suburbs are divided by the West Gate Freeway, residents of the neighbouring communities rely on shops on either side of the freeway, and this improved crossing provides better access to essential community services for residents.

At 3.5 metres wide, the Rosala Avenue pedestrian bridge is wider than its predecessor to allow pedestrians and cyclists to comfortably share the space and include improved safety features such as CCTV, lighting and higher barriers.

For those with mobility needs, access has also been improved with the bridge having both steps and Disability Discrimination Act- compliant accessible ramps on both sides of the West Gate Freeway.

Pedestrian bridge during installation
Rosala Avenue pedestrian bridge during installation, September 2020. 

The bridges have been architecturally designed and replace outdated, narrow bridges built in the 1970s.

Additional works to install cladding and other maintenance will continue on the bridge and due for completion later in the year.