6 October 2020

Local communities across the West Gate Freeway are one step closer to new connections for pedestrians and cyclists with the installation of two brand new pedestrian overpasses.

The main sections for the new pedestrian overpasses have now been lifted in to place to better connect residents in Altona North and  Brooklyn, and South Kingsville and Yarraville.

The new pedestrian overpasses that replace two outdated foot bridges are wider to allow pedestrians and cyclists to comfortably share the space and include improved safety features such as CCTV, lighting and higher barriers.

For those with mobility needs, access will also be improved with the bridges having both steps and Disability Discrimination Act compliant accessible ramps on both sides of the West Gate Freeway.

The bridge truss between Yarraville and South Kingsville was constructed in Tasmania,  and the one between Brooklyn and Altona North  t was made locally in Geelong. The bridge spans are over 60m in length, 6.1 metres high and between 3 - 5.5 metres wide, with connecting bridge ramps up to 90 metres long.

Both bridges were installed overnight using giant cranes while the freeway was closed.

There some further work that needs to be done include concreting the base of the bridge and installing cladding.

We will keep you updated as work progresses.

Artist Impression of pedestrian bridge after project completion