12 April 2021

As part of our ongoing works to build the Hyde Street ramps and continuing widening works on the West Gate Freeway, we need to close Millers Road and Williamstown Road at the same time on most nights during April and May.

We understand that closing both roads at the same time will be disruptive to the local community. Unfortunately, these closures are an unavoidable step in progressing vital construction activities to widen the West Gate Freeway and to construct the Hyde Street ramps.

Visit Victoria’s Big Build website for up to date information on planned road closures and detours.

Williamstown Road works

At Williamstown Road we need to regularly close the section under the West Gate Freeway to safely build the two new Hyde Street ramps that run over the top of Williamstown Road – providing new, direct connections for trucks to local industry and get them off local roads.

The works we need to complete include:

  • Building the columns that will support the ramps, which includes:
    • Drilling six holes into the ground known as piling
    • Inserting a steel cage into the hole and pouring concrete – forming the pile
    • Removing the top of the pile so that we can cap it – this is noisy work and will requiring jack hammering of concrete
  • The beams that will form the structure of the actual ramps are currently scheduled to be installed mid-year. Once the beams are installed, we can then pour the concrete to create the new roadway and install concrete barriers.
  • The installation of lighting, technology and signs will occur in late 2021.

Hyde Street ramp works

Building the Hyde Street ramps under the West Gate Freeway.

Millers Road works

At Millers Road we need to regularly close the section under the West Gate Freeway to safely continue widening and strengthening works.

The works we need to complete include:

  • Completing the new section of lanes built over Millers Road by pouring concrete onto newly installed beams to join them together. We will then continue widening the freeway in the centre
  • Completing construction of the new walking and cycling path on Millers Road under the West Gate Freeway
  • Ongoing strengthening works of the existing bridge over Millers Road – this includes setting and testing the new steel cables we’ve recently installed through the existing bridge
  • Final items include adding the last layer of asphalt on the new lanes and installing permanent traffic barriers

Take a look at how the Millers Road bridge beam lift was done.

While every effort is made to minimise impacts from construction, a project of the size and scale of the West Gate Tunnel can have an impact on the comfort of people living, working or studying nearby. We will keep nearby residents informed of when noisy activity is proposed.

We appreciate the patience the community has had with us and will continue to keep you updated as works progress.