24 March 2021

Our summer works construction campaign has now wrapped-up with completion of an intensive 11 week program of works on the West Gate Freeway & the M80 interchange.

This weekend, the final works were completed with the re-opening of the Grieve Parade bridge over the West Gate Freeway following an extensive campaign which strengthened this vital carriageway connecting drivers north and south of the freeways.

The foundations for the eastern side of the Grieve Parade bridge were originally built in the 1970s. Our work crews demolished and reconstructed this side of the bridge to support traffic for the next 100 years.

To accomplish this mammoth task, which also required a 4 day closure of the West Gate Freeway while half of the bridge was demolished, crews also:

  • Completed the demolition with 4 excavators;
  • reconstructed the bridge footings;
  • installed 18 new beams to support the new bridge;
  • installed new barriers and railings, new kerbs and re-build the road footpath;
  • layed entirely new road pavement and asphalt.

With traffic now back driving on the new and stronger side of the bridge, that brings our extensive Summer works to a close for 2021.

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