20 July 2020

Work is progressing to widen the West Gate Freeway from 8 to 12 through lanes as part of the West Gate Tunnel Project.

We’re about to move to the next phase which will see a major traffic switch over the next few months to create a new worksite in the centre of the freeway.

Shifting traffic to different sides of the freeway allows work to take place on each part of the road without having to close the freeway for extended periods of time.

In this next phase, we will shift lanes to the outer edge of the freeway, allowing crews to create a new worksite in the centre to safely continue building the new tunnel portals and add extra lanes to the freeway while keeping traffic moving.

This phase begins in late July and will require overnight freeway, ramp and lane closures as well as some full weekend ramp closures.

Drivers will notice changes such as travelling on a new alignment, fresh pavement, and of course a brand-new worksite in the middle of the freeway. There will be no change to the number of lanes or speed limits during this period.

The key construction activities that will be done during this time includes:

  • removing the existing temporary barriers on the side of the road,
  • asphalting and levelling the difference between existing and new pavement
  • line marking and installing new temporary barriers

Remember to slow down and drive safely through construction zones - even though sometimes you might not be able to see workers behind the barriers, they’re still there.

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