29 January 2021

We've reached midway point of our intensive program of summer construction works to upgrade and rebuild a number of important ramps as part of widening the West Gate Freeway from 8 to 12 through lanes.

Our crews have demolished the eastern half of Grieve Parade bridge to make room for a new, stronger bridge and are now working hard to construct the new bridge deck which includes:

  • reconstructing the bridge footings
  • installing 18 new beams to widen the bridge over the freeway
  • installing new barriers, kerbs and footpaths
  • and laying fresh asphalt for the new lanes over the bridges

This week there will be closures on the West Gate Freeway at night to start installing the beams which form the basis of the new half of the bridge at Grieve Parade.

The Geelong Road outbound, Princes Freeway inbound and M80 Ring Road inbound ramps remain closed until 22 February, as the bridges over the freeway are reconstructed to make room for the extra lanes on the West Gate Freeway.

Our crews are working around the clock to demolish aging bridge decks and build new ones.

At the M80 Ring Road interchange , crews have already completed hydro demolition of the existing bridge deck, excavated the existing road on the Altona bound exit ramp to the freeway and have started construction of the new pavement.

Pavement reconstruction, construction of new stormwater drains, and piling to support a large gantry crane in future have been completed on ramps at the Princes Freeway. On Geelong Road, crews have set up jacking equipment in preparation for the bridge to be lifted to replace bearings and demolish two piers, making room for new lanes below.

Reconstruction works at Princes Freeway ramp to Geelong Rd

Reconstruction works at Princes Freeway ramp to Geelong Road.

Upcoming works after demolition include:

  • installing drainage
  • laying new pavement
  • installing new technology for the managed motorway system.

The works will contribute to improved connections and four additional through lanes between Williamstown Road and the M80 and put the project another step closer to widening the freeway.

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