The West Gate Tunnel Project is more than just a road. It will make Melbourne's west and north an even better place to live, work and play.

The Victorian Government has partnered with Transurban to deliver the West Gate Tunnel Project, which will give Melbourne a second freeway link between the west and the city.

Construction is underway to build your alternative to the West Gate Bridge.

Overcoming Melbourne's transport challenges

Currently more than 200,000 vehicles a day rely on the West Gate Bridge, and a single incident can stop traffic. In addition, trucks in the west have no alternative but to use local roads just to get to the Port.

The West Gate Tunnel Project will end Melbourne's reliance on the West Gate Bridge by building a new tunnel and new links to the port, CityLink and the City.

Key benefits

Everyone's travel made easy

  • Giving people a choice - the tunnel or the bridge
  • Getting 9,000 trucks off local streets in the inner west
  • Enabling 24 hour truck bans on six local roads
  • Better connecting Melbourne's freeway network, to help people and goods move around
  • Better managing traffic flows and incidents through smart technology
  • Over 14 kilometres of new and upgraded walking and cycling paths

Better health and wellbeing

  • Improving air and noise by removing trucks from local streets
  • Taking noise walls to the next level by upgrading and adding new noise walls
  • Reduced noise at parks and sports grounds including Crofts Reserve, McIvor Reserve, Donald McLean Reserve and Hyde Street Reserve.
  • Moving the westbound tunnel exit further away from homes
  • New cycling and walking links to popular trails and parks, with new crossings over the West Gate Freeway and major roads
  • Riding high on a 2.5 kilometre elevated veloway above Footscray Road

Improving local amenity and the environment

What we are building


Project scope map. Click image to enlarge.

Take a virtual tour of the West Gate Tunnel Project

Take a virtual tour of the West Gate Tunnel Project:

Visit our interactive map

Explore the design in more detail through our interactive map.

Map of the project indicating location of new tunnel that will open in 2022 and upgrades to West Gate Freeway