Overview of our Port to City work

We are building:

  • A bridge over the Maribyrnong River to connect the tunnels with an elevated road above Footscray Road
  • Ramps to the port at MacKenzie Road and Appleton Dock Road for direct freeway access
  • Elevated roadway connecting to CityLink, Dynon Road and Footscray Road, running above the centre of Footscray Road
  • Walking and cycling paths for quicker and safer cycling to the city with a new veloway and bridges over Footscray Road and Moonee Ponds Creek
  • Wurundjeri Way extension and widening – an extra lane in each direction and extending Wurundjeri Way north to Dynon Road to create a city bypass
  • Freeway Management System to improve traffic flow and safety
  • New open spaces and planting thousands of trees and other plants in the freeway area.

In addition to construction from Port to City, see what’s happening in the West Gate Freeway and Tunnels.

1600 concrete segments for the new Footscray Road viaduct15 kilometres of new elevated lanes on Footscray Road


Map of the Port to City zone of the project, indicating elevated road, shared user paths, veloway, new cycling and walking bridges, tunnel portal and widening of Wurundjeri Way

Map illustrating connections from the Port to the city. Click image to enlarge

Key works in the area

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Timing: 2018-2021

Innovative bridge construction methods are being used to build the Maribyrnong River bridges and ensure that we:

  • Keep the river open to boats
  • Keep Mackenzie Road open for truck access to the port
  • Meet all environmental requirements to protect the health of the river.

Temporary jetties on the river banks or river barges will provide space for workers to build bridge supports and lift beams into place with minimal impact on the river. The beams, which form the bridge structure, will be transported to site on river barges, pieced together while on the barges and floated into position, then lifted into place by cranes.

Artist impression of new bridge over the Maribyrnong River and Mackenzie Road ramps

New bridge over the Maribyrnong River and Mackenzie Road ramps. Artist impression only – does not include detailed design

Timing: 2018-2022

The West Gate Tunnel Project includes an elevated roadway running above the centre of Footscray Road, connecting the new tunnels with CityLink, the port and the city.

The road structure will be made up of individual concrete segments which are made up off-site and transported to site by train and truck.

A gantry crane, which will sit on top of support piers around 30 metres above the road, will lift the concrete segments into place. The crane will start at the city end of Footscray Road and work its way west down the outbound carriageway before being turned around to build the inbound carriageway.

Our gantry crane will place almost 1,600 segments into place over a two year period.

Timing: 2018-2022

A 2.5km veloway – a cycling highway from Footscray to Docklands – will be built to make trips quicker and safer for cyclists and a new bridge over Footscray Road will remove the dangerous Capital City Trail crossing of Footscray Road.

Sections of existing path along Footscray Road and Dynon Road will be upgraded during construction. We will:

  • Keep all paths open as much as possible
  • Provide safe and clearly signed cycling detours while paths are being upgraded
  • Work with VicRoads, Council and cycling groups to plan and communicate detours
  • Carry out improvements along the detours if needed to make them safe.
Artist impression of entrance to the new 2.5kn veloway

Artist impression of entrance/exit to the 2.5km veloway near Shepherd Bridge on Footscray Road.

Timing: Set up 2018-2020 and operating until 2022

The main construction compound in this precinct is located at the former Melbourne Market site on Footscray Road. It will be supported by smaller compounds in the surrounding area, including in E-Gate and near the Maribyrnong River.

Construction compounds provide a base for workers, equipment and machinery. We will use best practice techniques at our construction compounds and will:

  • Install fencing and screening around compounds located next to private properties
  • Meet all requirements for managing noise, dust and traffic
  • Give our neighbours advanced notice about what to expect during works
  • Reinstate or improve compound areas after construction
  • Encourage our workers to car-pool or use public transport where possible.

Work hours

Most of the work will be done during the day however some works will be done at night to minimise travel disruption on our busy roads.

We will do our best to plan works at times when they cause the least inconvenience for residents, while also avoiding peak period lane closures and disruption on the freeway to keep Melbourne moving during construction.

Upcoming work

Regular updates will be posted on this page.  We will also keep people informed of activities taking place in their local area by:

  • Dropping newsletters and works notifications in your letterbox
  • Door knocks or street meetings before major works
  • News and updates on social media

More information

For more information, contact us on 1800 105 105.

We have a team that is dedicated to working with the community. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any questions or concerns.

Download the factsheet Construction overview – Port to City [PDF, 1.4 MB]

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