Plan ahead: Summer Blitz construction works

We’re planning an intensive program of works on the West Gate Freeway to be conducted over more than eleven weeks between January and March. During this time, there will be 24/7 freeway, lane and ramp closures. Summer works take advantage of typically lower traffic volumes that occur over the holiday period, helping to minimise disruption for commuters and community members.

What we’re building

These works will bring us one step closer to widening the West Gate Freeway from eight to 12 lanes between the M80 Ring Road and Williamstown Road. As part of these works, we are also delivering interchange upgrades at the M80 Ring Road, Grieve Parade, Millers Road and Williamstown Road, and rebuilding the bridges that span the freeway to make way for the new lanes. Learn more about our ongoing works.


WhereGrieve Parade closed over the West Gate Freeway Interchange West Gate Freeway closed in both directions between M80 and Grieve Parade M80 Ring Road Altona Bound Exit Ramp to West Gate Freeway Inbound Princes Freeway to Geelong Road Inbound ramp Geelong Road to Princes Freeway Outbound ramp Grieve Parade over the West Gate Freeway Interchange one lane closed in each direction
When 6 January 2021 – 11 January 2021 6 January - 11 January 2021, with ongoing overnight freeway closures throughout February and March 6 January 2021 – 22 February 2021 11 January 2021 – 22 February 2021 11 January 2021 – 22 February 2021 11 January 2021 – 22 February 2021
Detours in placeDelays of up to 60 minsDelays of up to 30 minsDelays of up to 30 mins  


The works scheduled during summer blitz will impact drivers travelling on the West Gate Freeway and may also affect local residents and businesses. Here’s how you can minimise disruptions to your trip:

Plan ahead

We expect these works to cause major delays so give yourself plenty of time to get where you need to go. Before starting your trip, visit Big Build’s disruptions map, which outlines possible detours, and plan an alternative route. Where possible, avoid travelling in peak periods or consider taking public transport.

Stay up to date

Check the latest disruption updates, detours and travel advice on the Big Build website. While you’re on the road, listen to radio traffic reports and look out for digital road signs that will provide real-time advice on travel times and alternative routes.

West Gate Bridge closures

VicRoads may conduct works on the West Gate Bridge as part of their own summer construction program, potentially leading to bridge closures. To find out more about VicRoads’ scheduled bridge works, visit VicRoads' disruptions page.

Other disruptions

Summer works are scheduled across Victoria as the state’s infrastructure projects progress. This means that other projects’ works might also impact your trip. Visit Big Build Victoria’s disruptions page to view all upcoming disruptions across the state.

What are we doing on the West Gate Freeway

We are building:

  • Four extra lanes between the M80 Ring Road and Williamstown Road
  • Entry and exit portals to the West Gate Tunnel
  • Ventilation structure at the tunnel exit
  • Interchange upgrades at the M80 Ring Road, Grieve Parade, Millers Road and Williamstown Road
  • Ramps to Hyde Street to connect trucks directly with local industry
  • More than 9km of new noise walls
  • New walking and cycling paths
  • Pedestrian bridges replacing two of the existing overpasses
  • Freeway Management System to support good traffic flow and safety
  • New open spaces and planting thousands of trees and other plants in the freeway area.

Construction is under way – find out about travel disruptions or recent construction updates.

In addition to construction on the West Gate Freeway, work is happening at the Tunnels and the Port to City area.

18 kilometres of new traffic lanes9 kilometres of new noise walls


West Gate Freeway construction map.

Key works in the area

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We are widening the West Gate Freeway from 8 to 12 lanes. The West Gate Freeway is a critical link in Melbourne’s transport network, carrying 200,000 vehicles each day.

This will include:

  • upgrading the interchanges at M80 Ring Road, Grieve Parade, Millers Road and Williamstown Road
  • widening bridges over Kororoit Creek and the Newport Rail Bridge
  • adding new ramps at Hyde Street
  • relocating services and utilities along the freeway

We will keep it moving by:

  • keeping the same number of lanes open at peak times
  • only closing lanes when there is less traffic
  • keeping the speed limit at 80km/h at peak times whenever possible
  • providing clear and timely information for drivers
  • working with VicRoads, councils, transport operators and emergency services to plan traffic changes
  • avoiding closures when major events are on in Melbourne.

At times we may need to close lanes, ramps and the freeway to get work done safely. Check the Travel Disruptions page or visit Victoria’s Big Build website for up to date information on planned road closures and detours.

Future West Gate Freeway render

In order to widen the West Gate Freeway, the existing low voltage power lines need to be relocated and new drainage installed along Fogarty Avenue.

Other works in the area include replacing the sewer, upgrading the Federation Trail and installing new noise walls.

More details on the works:

  • Works started on Fogarty Avenue in July 2018 with construction continuing in the area until 2021, including on the West Gate Freeway between Newport Rail Bridge and Williamstown Road.
  • There will be staged closures of Fogarty Avenue with detours in place. Visit our disruptions page for the latest updates.
  • Access to the Footscray Hockey Club and Yarraville Glory Football Club will be maintained at all times
  • There may be times when the bus route 432 will be diverted and selected bus stops closed. For more information see Public Transport Victoria’s travel update
  • For details about the current works on Fogarty Avenue, read the works notification.
  • For all work notifications related to works on Fogarty Avenue, head to the Work notifications page.

We are building two new ramps for the West Gate Freeway to connect trucks directly to local industry and get them off local roads.

The ramp on the northern side of the freeway will provide a new exit ramp for inbound traffic from the West Gate Freeway to a new signalised intersection at Hyde Street.

The ramp on the southern side of the freeway will provide a new entry ramp for westbound traffic from a new intersection at Simcock Avenue and Stephen Street through to the West Gate Freeway.

These ramps will also provide a direct route to industry for the trucks that can’t use the tunnel.

We’re also building a new elevated walking and cycling path that will extend the Federation Trail through to Hyde Street. It will go over Williamstown Road and run alongside the new Hyde Street exit ramp. A separate bridge structure will also connect the path to ground level at the Stony Creek Reserve north of Hall Street and include a connection to Spotswood Train Station.

These works have started and will continue until 2022. Below is a summary of what you can expect to see in 2020:

  • Building five new safety nets at the West Gate Golf Club. The nets will protect our onsite team as they work in the area and will remain as a permanent asset for the golf club.
  • Building one new safety net inside Donald McLean Reserve for the AFL grounds.
  • Installing a new temporary site access bridge at Thomas Street. At the end of the project this bridge will be disassembled, and the area will be remediated and landscaped.
  • Building new temporary site access tracks and working platforms at Stony Creek Reserve, West Gate Golf Club, Donald McLean Reserve, and the medians on the Williamstown Road eastbound entry ramp and Williamstown Road westbound exit ramp to allow for safe access to work sites.
  • Piling works in Stony Creek Reserve to begin building the foundation of the northern ramp toward Hyde Street.
  • Fencing our project boundary in the Stony Creek Reserve at the end of Hughes Street and setting up a site compound within the West Gate Golf Course at Thomas Street.
  • Demolishing the northern section of the old Socobell building on Hall Street to make way for the new westbound entry ramp.
Artist impression of new shared use path alongside the Hyde Street off ramp, Yarraville.

New shared use path alongside the Hyde Street off ramp, Yarraville. Artist impression only – does not include detailed design.

We need to close and safely remove the existing pedestrian overpasses that connect Muir Street and Fogarty Avenue and Rosala Avenue and Richards Court to make way for widening the West Gate Freeway.

This is because the next stage of the freeway widening involves moving traffic to the outer lanes where the ramps of the existing overpasses are located.

The new pedestrian bridges will be installed later this year.

While there are no pedestrian bridges, a shuttle bus will be available for the community.

Walking and cycling detour, bus timetable and routes

We are running a courtesy shuttle bus for pedestrians to cross between the north and south sides of the West Gate Freeway.

The shuttle bus service will be free for users.

We have enhanced safety processes in place to protect passengers against the spread of coronavirus. These include extra cleaning, closing some seats to allow for physical distancing and providing hand sanitiser.

Please remember social distancing measures in line with current health advice when using the shuttle buses.

If you require special assistance during this time, please contact us on 1800 105 105.

Muir Street pedestrian overpass

Bus timetable

Bus scheduleBus route

The Muir Street pedestrian overpass bus will run at intervals between 8am and 7:15pm seven days a week:

  • 8:05am and 8:25am (two circuits)
  • 11:45am and 12:30pm (two circuits)
  • 2:15pm and 3:00pm (four circuits)
  • 6:30pm and 7:15pm (two circuits)

The bus will complete a circuit starting at Stop 1 outside the Footscray Hockey Club on Fogarty Avenue, Yarraville, at the times listed.

The circuit will take approximately 25 minutes.

Please note times are approximate and will depend on traffic flows. Depending on user demand, times might change.

Walking detours

We have also built a new footpath on The Avenue, directly beneath the freeway, to help maintain community connections.

Access to the Footscray Hockey Club, Yarraville Glory Soccer Club and local residents on Fogarty Avenue will be maintained at all times.

Muir St overpass pedestrian and cycling detour

More information on these works can be found in our recent notification

Some electricity towers along the freeway are being moved or replaced with slimmer poles and some power lines moved underground to make space for the widened freeway.

Monopole installation

Newly installed monopoles (foreground) will be replacing lattice towers (background) along the West Gate Freeway.

A number of construction compounds have been set up along the project alignment which provide a base for workers, equipment and machinery.

We will use best practice techniques at our construction compounds and will:

  • meet all requirements for managing noise, dust and traffic
  • install fencing and screening when compounds are located near to private property
  • give our neighbours advanced notice about what to expect during works
  • reinstate or improve compound areas after construction
  • provide parking for workers to avoid taking up space on local streets

The Federation Trail is being upgraded and extended to Hyde Street. A section of the trail between Millers Road and the Newport Freight rail line has been closed to complete the upgrade and widen the freeway. The closure will be in place until the project opens.

  • Provided a clearly signed detour route via Kyle Road and Blackshaws Road (see blue line in map below)
  • Worked with VicRoads, councils and cycling groups to plan and communicate the detour
  • Carried out improvements along the detour to make it safe.

The West Gate Tunnel Project will deliver more than nine kilometres of new and improved noise walls for quieter homes, backyards and parks along the West Gate Freeway.

We will:

  • Prioritise noise wall construction so residents get the benefit as early as possible
  • Leave existing noise walls in place where practical or provide temporary noise walls until new ones are built
  • Use high quality materials with acrylic at the top to let light in.
Artist impression of noise walls on the West Gate Freeway

Noise walls long the West Gate Freeway. Artist impression only – does not include detailed design.

Status: Beevers Street works complete

As part of construction to widen the West Gate Freeway, works to relocate overhead power lines along Beevers Street are now complete.

Beevers Street has reopened and access to homes has been reinstated.

We thank residents of Beevers Street for their patience whilst we safely completed this important work.

You will still see our team continuing with works on the eastern end of Beevers Street, however, this will not impact street or residential access.

More information:

If you have any questions about the works on Beevers Street, please call 1800 105 105.

Map of Beevers Street relocation works

Work hours

Most of the work will be done during the day however some works will be done at night to minimise travel disruption on our busy roads.

We will do our best to plan works at times when they cause the least inconvenience for residents and motorists.

Upcoming work

To keep up with ramp and freeway closures, see our travel disruptions page. Or visit

We will also keep you informed of activities taking place in your local area by:

  • Dropping newsletters and works notifications in your letterbox
  • Door knocks or street meetings before major works
  • News and updates on social media

More information

For more information, contact us on 1800 105 105.

We have a team that is dedicated to working with the community. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any questions or concerns.

See the most recent construction notifications.

Construction overview – West Gate Freeway fact sheet [PDF, 1.4MB]

The fact sheet is also available in Arabic (PDF, 1.00MB)Chinese (PDF, 1.4MB)Greek (PDF, 1.4MB)Italian (PDF, 1.4MB)Vietnamese (PDF, 1.4MB)