Rosala Avenue / Richards Court overpass 23 May 2020To make way for widening the West Gate Freeway, we need to close and safely remove the existing pedestrian overpass that connects Rosala Avenue and Richards Court.May 2020
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Muir Street / Fogarty Avenue overpass 23 May 2020To make way for widening the West Gate Freeway, we need to close and safely remove the existing pedestrian overpass that connects Muir Street and Fogarty Avenue.May 2020
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West Gate Freeway: from Williamstown Road to Newport Rail BridgeMay - August 2020
Laying pavement, installing new noise wall panels and widening and strengthening the Newport Rail Bridge.
April 2020:
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Millers Road / West Gate Freeway April - August 2020Ongoing freeway widening works and hydro-blasting and installation of noise walls, retaining walls and bridge beamsApril 2020:
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Newport Rail Bridge hydro-blasting worksMarch - August 2020Construction is well underway to widen Newport Rail Bridge, including the use of hydro-blasting. This stage of works will continue until August 2020. Future works are currently programmed for late 2021 and mid-2022.March 2020:
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Noise wall installation updatesOngoingThe West Gate Tunnel Project includes building 9km of new noise walls along the West Gate Freeway.

As well as being more attractive, the new noise walls will provide you much better protection from freeway noise than the old noise walls.
Williamstown Road to the Newport Rail Bridge:
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Fogarty Avenue:
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Hyde Street RampsFebruary 2020 - 2022As part of works on the West Gate Tunnel Project, we will be building two new ramps for the West Gate Freeway.May 2020:
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February 2020:
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Strong Street, SpotswoodFebruary - late May 2020We are diverting a large water main pipe that runs under the West Gate Freeway between the Footscray Hockey Club and Strong Street.February 2020:
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Fogarty Avenue, YarravilleMonday 20 January - early May 2020
  • Fogarty Avenue will be closed between the Muir Street walking and cycling bridge and 216 Fogarty Avenue
  • Vehicle access to some driveways will be temporarily blocked, and parking along the closed section of Fogarty Avenue will be temporarily unavailable
  • Footpath access to your property will remain
    Construction is continuing along Fogarty Avenue to install new drainage.

January - April 2020 summary:
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January 2020:
Driveway impacts
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Waste Collection
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New Street and Watson Street, South KingsvilleJune 2019 - ongoingSite establishment at the end of New and Watson Street, South Kingsville. These works are the construction of the West Gate Tunnel outbound southern portal.

May 2019:

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West Gate Freeway (outbound) between Chambers Road and Grieve Parade16 November 2018 – ongoingWorks to widen the West Gate Freeway between Chambers Road and Grieve Parade and provide new noise walls.

November 2018:

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Kyle Road, Altona NorthThursday 11 October 2018 – 2022Use of Kyle Road to access construction sites on the West Gate Freeway for the duration of the project’s construction.

September 2018:

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West Gate Freeway: Williamstown Road inbound exit rampFrom 29 May 2018 – ongoingWorks along both sides of the West Gate Freeway between The Avenue and Williamstown Road, including vegetation removal and installing temporary fencing.
Installation of temporary and new noise wall along Williamstown Road inbound exit ramp.
May 2018:

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West Gate Freeway (outbound) between Williamstown Road and The AvenueFrom 29 May 2018 – ongoing
  • Temporary road closures between Vernier Street and Hick Street, and between Andrews Street and Muir Street.
  • Site fencing and access established at the end of the following streets: Abbot Street, Steel Street, Vernier Street, Hick Street, Andrews Street, Muir Street.
  • Site establishment works along outbound lanes of West Gate Freeway, including vegetation removal and earthworks.
  • Installation of temporary and new noise wall between Vernier Street and Muir Street.
  • Relocate existing power lines that currently run along the West Gate Freeway to the reserve near the corner of The Avenue and Strong Street.

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Temporary noise wall installation
(21 August 2018):

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Installation of new power poles
(25 February 2019):
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