Planning phase

Please contact us, if you would like a translated version of planning phase community updates.

Construction notifications

See all notifications of upcoming works that we often drop into the letterboxes of nearby residences and businesses.

Consultation reports

Environment Effects Statement (EES)



Map of the project indicating location of new tunnel that will open in 2022 and upgrades to West Gate Freeway

Monitoring reports: air quality

For more information about air quality monitoring, see tunnel ventilation and air quality.

Planning approvals

The West Gate Tunnel Project requires a number of key approvals under Victorian legislation, including:

Regulation and legislation

Model Utility Agreement Guidelines

The Minister for Road Safety, as Project Minister, has prepared the Model Utility Agreement Guidelines in respect of commercial arrangements required to govern utility agreements for the purposes of the West Gate Tunnel Project. Learn more.

More information

Visit the Department of Transport’s document archive to learn about the project’s business case.

Fact sheets and discussion papers from previous designs are available upon request